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Dear colleagues,


thousands of patients are diagnosed with metastastatic abdominal cancer every year, either from gastrointestinal or gynecological malignancies. In the past, this condition was considered untreatable. Over the last decades, however, this has changed due to a multidisciplinary approach. Resectability of liver lesions has improved, enabling a complete tumor removal in half of all patients. New techniques have been established, e.g. in-situ liver splitting for two-stage resections of bilateral liver metastases. Liver resections for metastases have become standard treatment for colorectal metastases.


For peritoneal metastases cytoreductive surgery (visceral resection and peritonectomy procedures) along with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy and systemic chemotherapy is now recommended in the German guideline for the treatment of carcinomatosis originating from colorectal cancer. In Germany, following the World Congress on Peritoneal Surface Malignancies 2012, the awareness regarding this treatment strategy has changed in the oncologic community.


We would like to invite you to discuss all currently available treatment options and controversial issues in this important field of oncology.


Should you be interested in participating, please contact the
Conference Division of the University Hospital of Regensburg
phone: +49 941 944 4230


The organizing teams are looking forward to welcoming you in Regensburg in July 2016!

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Prof. Dr. Hans J. Schlitt                           Prof. Dr. Pompiliu Piso

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